Friday, July 4, 2008


We're 'chutin' in!
(Bet every one of you know which is/are your bunny(s)!!!)

No room to land Really Furr Ther .... Luka, Puddy, and Sophia will take her on in to Omaha. We'll terrorize Murdock for awhile and then make our way to Omaha for a meet up .. maybe lunch with Warren B. as someone once suggested.

Anybody got an in with him? Maybe let him know 78 bunnies are coming to discuss economics and business?


FrecklesandDeb said...


d. moll, said...

That's one CRAAAZZZY binky.

PJ said...

Who says bunns are afraid of heights???

Anonymous said...

oh i can't look i can't look
zinger didn't tell me he was going skydiving too!

Glenna said...

There's some guy in the center wearing no clothes! Who is it? Is it Warren Buffet?

Anonymous said...

WOO HOOOOO!! This beats doing bunny F1 laps around the living room any day!!!